Finding Purpose: Who Am I?


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God Is Better

We need to ponder the superiority of God as our great reward over all that the world has to offer.

If we don’t, we will love the world like everyone else and live like every one else.

So take the things that drive the world and ponder how much better and more abiding God is: take money or sex or power or popularity. Think about these things.

First think about them in relation to death. Death will take away every one of them: money, sex, power, and popularity. If that is what you live for, you won’t get much, and what you get, you lose. But God’s treasure is “abiding.” It lasts. It goes beyond death.

God is better than money, sex, power, and popularity because…

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Finding Purpose: Who is God and What Does It Matter?

Be sure to check back for more information on the “Who is God” video!

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Finding Purpose: The Cul-de-Sac of Stupidity

“The Bible is going to teach us that everything that is created was not created so that our enjoyment of creation would terminate on creation, but rather that everything that exists, exists to point beyond itself to something greater than itself, namely its Creator.

The Bible teaches that you and I prefer creation to the Creator, therefore we get stuck in what I call the cul-de-sac of stupidity most of our lives, chasing things that do not satisfy us, have never satisfied us, and don’t really have any hope of satisfying us, but we continue to pursue them anyway. So, although we’ve had gadgets, relationships, we’ve had all these things that the world says, “this is what satisfies you,” we’ve had those things, we’ve tasted at least the first fruits of those things and they didn’t satisfy us.

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Cry Out to Jesus

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Surf Movie Night

Light Ministries Movie Night is showing Castles in the Sky, August 12. Ocean Magic Surf Shop and Locals Surf Shop are sponsoring the event and providing door prizes.
Be sure to come by for a great event, movie, and food!

There is no cost-event is totally free!

If you’d like to, RSVP on Facebook here.

Be sure to check out more news and events about this movie night and updates from Light Ministries right here.

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Finding Purpose: God, the Bible, and Me

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