Light in the Community

Light Ministries is actively pursuing means of communicating Christ and His love and sacrificial giving in the community.

If you have ways of doing this that we can help you with, or if you have a need that Light Ministries may be able to help with, please contact us on our email:

Light Ministries is associated with Carelink International

Carelink International is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization. Carelink has a free medical clinic in Jupiter, Fl. where it services those who are unable to pay for normal medical services. The Carelink Clinic services thousands of Palm Beach Counties residents each year. For more information on Carelink International and the Carelink Clinic visit

Light Ministries Also Impacts the Community in a variety of other ways:

Light Ministries partners with local businesses to impact the community in a positive way as well as various outreaches that provide contacts for us to have dialogue with people about the Truth of the Gospel.

Currently Light Ministries is in the process of partnering with an area business to provide free advertisement while benefitting local business offices with free goods. If you’re interested in enjoying a part of this outreach contact Ransom Maggard at

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